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4th OISZF 26 Feb - 01 March

Andrei & Victoria

Ukraine - Kyiv

Andrei Zhulid is a Kizomba Evangelist and an international dance instructor of Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha andSemba. For the current moment, he has been dancing for over 15years.Andrei started his dance way from modern street dances such as Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno, R&B, Electric Boogie. In these dances, he got more than a dozen of medals and cups in international competitions and festivals with the team “Black Fox”.

Leaving professional modern dances Andrei found a new interest in social dances. Due to his experience and talent he quickly entered the international dance stage and continued his way as a Kizomba instructor. Dancing Kizomba for 8 years 7 of them he is actively sharing his knowledge and teaching all over the world.

Known as one of “the father so Kizomba” in the CIS ( those who were from the very beginning and developed these dances in the Post-Soviet states) Andrei run more than 1000(!) workshops at international festivals and dance events in more than 50 cities of around 20 countries of the World. Among them: Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,Russia, Taiwan,Thailand, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Many Kizomba instructors and teachers passed through Andrei’s classes. One of the key features of his classes – he doesn’t only teach “WHAT and HOW to do” but explains “WHY exactly in this way”. "Don’t fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it!" – words spoken by Salvador Dali have become the main credo of Andrei's life, what has fully been provenby the results he achieved.