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4th OISZF 26 Feb - 01 March

Mandela Mandela & Daniela
Portugal - Porto  (Angola)

For Mandela it all started back in 2010 when he took his first Salsa Lesson. He discovered a new world full of joy, fun and friendly people. Mandela: “Out of all the different Styles I’ve tried, I discovered an unquenchable thirst for Cuban Salsa”. After years of intensive research, attending several international salsa congresses and meeting professional dancers from around the world, he developed a detailed understanding of the dance style, its origin and the Latin culture itself. 

He came across Kizomba, which changed his life;
Mandela: ”What began as a hobby has become my passion with an unquenchable thirst for Kizomba have become dynamic instructor and an event’s organizer in Porto.”

Born of Angolan parents and himself an Angolan national, Mandela danced since he was a child in Angola and then emigrated to Portugal at seventeen. There he started working solo and gaining recognition in several Portuguese cities, while gaining consistency and experience.

 In the suburbs of Luanda (Rangel), where dancing has always been an important part of the everyday life of people living there and where one of the biggest schools of Kuduro, Kizomba, Semba, etc. is located.

Mandela acted in several recreation centers (Candimba und Sengula) in the Angolan capital. His references are Elisha and Zero 7 (wizard and witch), great dancers at that time, Man pele do zangado/Man angry skin (the king) and Zé bruda. Due to the religious views of his father, Mandela kept his passion for dancing secret. In 1992 Mandela migrated to Portugal and currently lives there in Porto.

Mandela dedicated eight years to Gospel music in a group of four members called “Black matondos”. They performed in several cathedrals of Portuguese and Spanish cities.
In 2000 Mandela returned to dancing again. He created various classes for African rhythms in several Northern Portuguese cities: Porto, Maia, Famalicão Braga, Viana, Póvoa de Varzim e Vila do Conde. He also took actively part as dancer, choreographer, jury, socio-cultural animator, etc. in different cultural events. Moreover, Mandela was present in television programs on RTP, SIC and more recently on Porto Canal. At the Bullfighting Arena in Póvoa de Varzim he made the opening for the group show “Brothers Truth”.
In 2006 Mandela did dance volunteering for two charities – House and Home Lap, where he collaborated as an animator for groups of children protected by the court. In 2010/11 the duo Mandela & Lisa began its international career as dancers, choreographers, entertainers and teachers of African dances in multiple European countries and Brazil.

One of Mandela’s secrets of success and smoothness is his love for culture, love for art and love for dance.

By adding his personal touch he ensures that every dance class and/or workshop is a positive and memorable experience and one which will always leave you wanting more!!

As an Organizer, Instructor, attending Mandela's class was one of the best classes, you will never be bored, take your eyes off him, and he will keep you on your toes, and remember the details for a long time.