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4th OISZF 26 Feb - 01 March

Sol & Laura

France - Italy

Sol & Laura are of the most popular UK Bachata artist in the international dance scene.

Known for their Bachata Fusion style, they have a dancing background in Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary and African dances,  

Their never ending energy, unique dance style, sense of humour and craziness always leave students wanting more wherever they go because they believe that "normal is boring".

Sol & Laura thrived straight away, as the Bachata Art couple. Oman will be one of the first International Festival appearance after Fuji Fuji, looking forward to impress the WORLD.

Sol & Laura are looking forward to show the world their years of talent, sharing and inspiring everyone with their passion. Watch out for this fast growing couple in the Bachata world, they are one of the best.